Dealing with accidents (Colts)

Guidelines for dealing with an incident/accident

  • Stay calm, but act swiftly and observe the situation
  • Is there any danger of further injury
  • Listen to what the injured person is saying
  • Alert a first aider, who should then take the appropriate action for minor injuries
  • In the event of an injury being serious or needing specialist treatment, call 111 for minor first aid or 112 in an emergency. A phone is available behind the bar. There is also a public phone in the Club lobby.
  • Do not move someone with major injuries, wait for the emergency services to arrive,but ensure they are as comfortable as possible
  • Ensure that the remainder of the group are organised, safe and adequately supervised
  • As soon as possible, the person in charge should contact the injured persons parent/guardian/carer
  • The appropriate person should complete an incident/accident form which is behind the bar.
  • The Club is generally open between 9.30 am 'til late.

The file is also available for download below: