Use of Volunteers Policy

IBM Hursley Cricket Club Colts Section recognises that there are individuals who are parents/carers/relatives of Colts who may wish to assist the Club with its activities and the Club positively welcomes such support.
Each new Colt member is required to complete an application form and a responsible adult can declare on the form that they are willing to offer support to the Colts Section (e.g. for coaching, scoring, providing transport etc).
Where this information is completed, the Club will make contact with the volunteer with a view to discussing how much and to what extent the offer of support is being given.
Any “ground rules” for the volunteering activity will be fully discussed and agreed between the Club and the volunteer.
Where the volunteer is going to be assisting with any coaching activities with young people, he/she will be made aware of Club Policies and Procedures in relation to Inclusion and Diversity, Child Protection, Notification of Accidents and First Aid.
Until such discussions have taken place between the Club and the volunteer, the volunteer would not be able to assist with any coaching activities with young people.
Where necessary, a volunteer may also be required to undertake a DBS check, depending upon the type of activities being undertaken.
The file is also available for download below: