Selection Policy







Purpose of this Policy:

  • To promote fairness, consistency and transparency of selection decisions

  • To assist players to understand the Club's Selection Policy and selection decisions

  • To ensure the needs and aspirations of Club are realised within each team


Basis of Selection decisions:-


Selection for Saturday adult teams will be on the basis of:-

  1. Player availability

  2. Balance of required skills within each team

  3. Club objectives for the season

  4. To field the strongest team available for the First XI and Second XI apart from exceptional circumstances where club objectives may dictate otherwise.

  5. Meeting HCL rules regarding players playing in different squads for the same Club in the same season.


The Selection process

  1. The First XI Skipper picks the preferred First XI team in the first instance. Those First XI players not selected will be automatically made available for selection by the Second XI Skipper.

  2. The Second XI Skipper then picks a team from those remaining players available to play – those players not selected will automatically be made available for selection by the Third XI Skipper.

  3. The Third XI Skipper finally picks a team from those remaining players available to play.



Selection principles

To ensure the smooth running of the selection process, the following are deemed to be guiding principles:-


  • Wherever possible, players should notify their availability as early as possible by replying in good time to any email requesting it

  • The Club will seek availability of players in advance via email on a month-by-month basis

  • Skippers should check with all players on a Saturday following a match their availability for the following week

  • Selection Committee meetings should take place as early as possible

  • As a Club, we will aim to play as many Colts as possible in Hampshire League matches. Colts are deemed to be those aged 18 years and under.

  • The Club will use “Teamer” or a similar system to notify players of selection

  • All players need to take responsibility to respond to Teamer/other invitations in good time

  • Selection should be issued on Teamer/other system by no later than Tuesday for the following Saturday

  • If any player has not accepted an invitation on Teamer by close of play (5pm) on Thursday, that player will be dropped and the Skipper will issue an invite to an alternative player

  • If a player has to pull out of a match at short notice, the Skipper of that team will choose a player from the next team to “pull up” and the resultant vacancy will be back-filled by the Skipper of the team that the player is pulled up from with support and assistance from the other Skippers and other Club members.





  • The Skipper will seek availability of players via email wherever possible

  • Invitations to play will be issued via teamer in good time ahead of matches

  • The Skipper will aim to play 2/3 juniors per match




  • Where a player is not selected for a Saturday HCL match, they will be given the opportunity to play in a Sunday friendly fixture

  • We will attempt as a Club to allow Colts to gain their first experience of adult cricket through playing Sunday friendly matches



  • For standard league matches, we will attempt to field players according to their availability, aiming to ensure all players have access to matches during the season

  • We will aim at all times to ensure a balance of skills (batting, bowling and fielding) and may therefore field a “core team” for the majority of matches with remaining players selected on rotation

  • Selection decisions remain the responsibility of the Head Coach of the age group concerned,

  • For Cup/Plate matches or league-deciding matches, we will aim to field the strongest team available – this may involve calling stronger, more experienced players up from younger age groups

  • We will attempt as a Club to arrange friendly matches to ensure there is adequate access to matches for all players



Reviewed and amended October 2017